Many Ways To Help Us

100% of your donations goes into the projects /Overhead costs covered by corporate sponsorship

One time donation for Medical or Educational funds (your choice, otherwise we pick), any amount:

  • Keep in touch with the kids and the new projects via our facebook site.

  • Possibility to visit our projects in Thaïland.

         Annual Membership:

  • Min. 100 Euros / 100 USD per year.

  • Access to closed facebook site (special updates for members only).

  • Possibility to visit our projects in Thaïland.


  • Sponsor a child and offer him/her the chance for an education – 30 Euros/USD / month to send a child to  school.

  • Access to closed facebook site.

  • Access to the Volunteering program for your children in one of the institutions we support.

  • Possibility to visit our projects in Thaïland.

  • Direct contact with the child via e-mails and letters.

     Founding families:

  • 50 families that helped to secure the future of the foundation. Comitment over 3.000 Euros over 3  years to he

     secure the foundation and fund further developments.

  • Access to closed facebook site and mention of your founder’s status on our website.

  • Possibility to visit our projects in Thaïland.

  • Priority over the volunteering program for your children and family members in one of the institutions we support.

  • Priority and local support in case of interest for Foster program (at a later stage).

  • Mention their names on the website if desired.

Other items that are always in need

     Food packages Packages with essential food products, Rice, fruits and vegetables , that are sent to the orphanages or care centers for children that we are supporting. 

     HealthCare: our health care program covers the costs for the supply of basic medecin, doctor’s inspections and analitic’s in the orphanages and centers we are supporting.

     Education: Providing the institution with learning material and books, old but still useable notebooks, PCs, mobil phones, etc...

      Bicycles, the main form of transportation for the kids up in the rural North of Thailand.

     Clothes and shoes

     Mats and Mattresse



Bank Address: 1 Ratburana Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

A/C Name: Give love give smile foundation “มูลนิธิเติมรักเติมรอยยิ้ม

A/C No. 019-3-23344-9

Swift Code: KASITHBK

Foundation Address : 64/205 Moo. 4 Pluakdaeng ,Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140