Miss Manatchaya Jaocharen (Mild)

Date of Birth: 19 April 2001

Mind is smart and always very thoughtful. She is always there for her “brothers and sisters” and is very polite. Besides her homework she helps out  with the household, without ever complaining.

Dreams, wishes and favorites:

“ I want to help my mother and father that own the orphanage. The reason why I want to do that? It’s just because I would love to share opportunities for the orphans and I believe there are a lot more orphans out there that need the help. I went with my parents to pick up the children at their villages and what I’v seen has really touched my heart and I can see that they need so much help. I love to eat stir fried morning glory, fruit salads and Suki (a kind of noodles). In my free time I like listening to music, playing music such as keyboard and guitar, and I like reading books. I wish that all the kids at the orphanage will get a sponsor that can support us for our education. Because once we have to go to higher education, school costs will go up and with the money of a sponsor we will be able to reach our dreams and study”.