Miss Mussalinda Kasetkunsub (Fai)

Date of Birth: 4 September 2003

Fai is quiet but has a heart made out of gold. Sometimes you forget about her because she is so quiet but if you do notice her and give her a hug a big smile appears on her face. She is very happy when she get’s noticed. Maybe because normally her little sister get’s a lot of attention (Fah Sai). She is very sensitive.

Dreams, wishes and favorites:

“I want to be a well-mannered teacher with good reading skills because I want to help kids who are weak and can’t read. I like eating fried noodles because they are delicious and high in vitamins. I like to read a lot in my free time so I can be a teacher and love to do my homework really well. I want nice shoes, beautiful dresses, a watch, coloring books and hairpins”.